Comprehensive Solutions for a Dynamic Global Campus

Hyva Edu

Success in today's dynamic education environment demands innovation. Innovative institutions are responsive, flexible and quickly adapt to support the delivery of new education models and programs to meet the expectations of their students. In addition, they recognize technology as a key enabler to extend their reach, gain greater efficiencies and scalability, and improve their students' experiences with the institution. The higher education institutions that are achieving the greatest success have one thing in common – they have embraced technology.

HYVA EDU is a fully-integrated highly customizable education and campus software suite designed for any size institution to manage the day-to-day activities of management, administrators, faculty, human resource, students and parents both now and in the future. The scalable web-based software is a smart, user-friendly solution that collates data/records of your institution and integrates it into a centralized repository and has functional communication tools for enhanced interaction amongst management, faculty, students and parents.

HYVA EDU is devised for an entire student lifecycle, right from admissions to supporting them throughout their education, be it administration, billing and maintaining relationships. HYVA EDU offers a new approach to education and resource management software that enables all departments to be more creative and innovative in managing, communicating and administrating efficiently. The centralized information system is structured into easy modules required for optimum management, enhanced productivity and effective decision-making.

  • Customizable & Scalable
  • Comprehensive User-Friendly Modules
  • Centralized Repository
  • Multi-Format Tabulations & Reporting
  • Customizable & Scalable
  • Notifications and Messaging
  • Connects all Stakeholders
  • Management Toolsets
  • Integrated Plugins
  • Competitive Price
  • Monthly Subscription Model
  • GPS Integration*
  • Mobile Integration*
  • (*Optional)

The modules are built after thorough research and by listening to every aspect of higher educational needs inclusive of every stake holder. HYVA Edu can be assimilatedinto your development strategy to incrementally modify and enhance the campus solutions architecture and capabilities in a way that makes it easier for every module user to benefit and thrive by adoptingits innovative new functionality.

  • Admission
  • Student Services
  • Parent
  • Faculty
  • Time-table
  • Library
  • Bus tracking
  • Attendance
  • Leave
  • Curriculum
  • Hostel
  • Management
  • Communication
  • Events
  • Examination
  • Message tracking
  • Fee
  • Payroll
  • Reports
  • HR
  • Vehicle management

HYVA EDU: Module Sets

Tracking, Reports, Tabulations, Records (Attendance, Registrations, Health, Disciplinary, Extracurricular, Assignments, and Fee), Lists (Holidays, Circulars, Notifications, Fests, Events, Timetable and Exam Schedules) and Applications

Automated Reports, Attendance, Student Records, Timetable, Syllabus, Exam Schedules, Master Panel (Uploads, Marks and Reviews), Communication Panel, Print Panel and Application Panel

Access Panel (Ward Details – Attendance, Performance, Grades and Records), Leave Application, Performance Analytics, Ward Reviews, Communication Panel, Scheduled (Timetable, Exam, Fee), and SMS Activations* (Leaves, Fee, Payments, Circulars and Bus/Travel Tracking).

Admission, Monitor organization activities, View/update master data, Create roles and delegate Add new students/staff, Manage fee collection, Access Fee reports, Send notifications/SMS alerts, Manage school /college transport system, Send school bus alerts, Create events schedules, Create/update timetable, Print class-student list, Manage leave records, Publish exam schedules, Manage school library, Manage finance allocation and Manage hostel administration

Analyze in-take/drop-out, Access reports/statistics, Publish Policies, Announce Board Decisions View staff information, See faculty performance, View student information

Additional modules
for students' security including notifications to parents in any emergency situation, broadcasting emergency messages to everyone in school and saving cost in managing your school vehicle system. Integrations include


HYVA Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP]

Hyva Erp

A growing business means increasing customers, diverse markets and an expanding network which translates into a phenomenal data and information that not only needs to be managed well but should fit into your aspirations and in providing better customer experience and adopt new concepts such as enterprise mobility. HYVA ERP does just that and more by giving you the power to engineer, empower & enhance your business process and systems to optimum performance with flexibility and efficiency to stay competitive and an ability to respond to market changes.

HYVA ERP enables you to transform your business, integrate IT platforms, accelerating workflows, improving operational efficiency, increasing customer engagement and adopting innovative technologies. We optimize your business processes, improve your insight into data and decision making capabilities, support modern business concepts and strategies, and provide value along the entire enterprise value chain. Further, this integration reduces data redundancy while saving heavily on manpower by eliminating the need for additional reporting and accounting personnel.

HYVA ERP works by integrating all departments and functions across a company such as finance, human resource, manufacturing and warehouse into one a single computer system. This is further optimized with interrelated sub-modules for data mining and business intelligence and analytical tools that tabulates and generates preset or customized reports. The centralized data can not only achieve and exceed business objectives but will also help you in strategic and critical decision making.

Hyva Erp Modules


  • General ledger
  • Payables
  • Cash Management
  • Cash Management
  • Budgeting & Consolidation
  • Fixed Assets


  • Engineering
  • Bill of Materials
  • Workflow Management
  • Quality Control
  • Product Lifecycle management
  • Cost Management

Customer Relationship Management

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Commissions
  • Service
  • Customer Contact
  • Call Centre Support

Supply Chain Management

  • Order to Cash
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing & supplier
  • Scheduling
  • Product Configurator

Human Resources

  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Recruiting
  • Training

Project Management

  • Costing
  • Billing
  • Time and Expense
  • Activity Management

Data services

  • Self-Service Interface for customers

Access Control

  • Management of user privileges for various processes

Business Impact

  • Significant investments in time, effort and capital for most companies
  • Delivers solid paybacks within 2 to 6 years of the project implementation.
  • Study says risk-adjusted ROI between 100 to 400%.

Cost Benefit Analysis

  • ERP project costs will include items such as software, servers, client upgrades, network upgrades, support and maintenance contracts, professional services, IT training, application customization and development, implementation labor and on-going support and administration.
  • Operating efficiency benefits are the process improvements that can help the company improve productivity, re-deploy labor resources, avoid purchases or eliminate expenses.
  • Business benefits are improvements in revenue or development of new revenue opportunities. Intangible benefits are strategic and important but non-quantifiable in monetary terms such as brand advantage or business agility.

Hyva Erp - Business Value

HYVA ERP helps your Organisation to:

  • Simplify and optimize your enterprise systems to reduce costs and enhance performance
  • Integrate your enterprise platforms and systems for highly effective support of your business processes
  • Most ERP's in the market are too rigid. HYVA ERP is highly configurable, customizable and scalable.
  • Maximize ROI and realize more business value from existing implementations
  • Align with your business agenda to enable better, faster business decisions
  • Give you the agility, flexibility and speed to better respond to market changes

Simplify your enterprise systems with HYVA ERP so you may expand to new market segments, make rapid, informed business decisions and embrace the newest technology innovations to engage customers, introduce creative, efficient ways to collaborate with employees or partners and drive operational efficiency. In sum, take your business Higher, reach goals Faster and post results Stronger than your competitors.

HYVA Fleet Management

HYVA Fleet Management & Vehicle Tracking System

Hyva Fleet Management

On Road to SuccessHYVA Fleet Management & Vehicle Tracking System is an integrated and complete fleet management solution which combines an online management system with GPS and a host of tailored services for optimum workflow process resulting in efficient and cost effective fleet management.

Key Features

  • Centralise, secure and share online data on every aspect of vehicle management.
  • Supports small operations as well as large enterprises.
  • A complete transport management accessible online, anytime.
  • Minimises overhead expenses.
  • Avoid unexpected break-fix scenarios and downtime.

Key Benefits

  • Minimize investment risks
  • Consolidate driver information including insurance, payment and performance.
  • Track any vehicle 24x7, anywhere in the world through mobile phone or any internet enabled device.
  • Secure cargo or passengers through anytime tracking.
  • Recover missing vehicles..
  • Protect vehicle against thefts with built-in intelligent sensors.
  • Provision of three numbers for SOS and burglar alarms.
  • Updates on the average fuel consumption for different routes and for different vehicles.
  • Sends alerts about insurance expiry information prior to the expiry date till the insurance is renewed.
  • GPS tracking system is maintenance-free with automatic fault recovery.
  • Gives rapid notification needed to react to any incident.
  • Enables you to establish a vehicle inspection and maintenance program.
  • No worries of an unauthorized or untrained person operating a vehicle; you can track the vehicle and driver location.
  • Avoids any high-cost damage to your vehicles, drivers and merchandise due to poorly maintained vehicles.
  • Avoids the tension of unexpected break-fix scenarios.
  • Unmatchable accuracy over manual,paper-based vehicle administration.
  • Reduced overall transportation and staff costs.
  • Updates you with vehicle service details (life cycle of the vehicle).
  • Affordable, easy to use and quick to implement.
  • Gets the trip route details.
  • Shares data across any number of offices from a central location.
  • Keeps records of tyre conditions, tyre stock, vehicle spare parts, repairs and expenses of tyres and vehicles.

Key Tools

  • Vehicle Trip
  • Vehicle Type
  • Billing
  • Insurance
  • Loan Repayment
  • Truck Loading
  • Health & Safety
  • Fueling
  • Operations
  • Branch
  • Driver
  • Payroll
  • Account
  • Finance
  • SMS Alerts
  • Vehicle Tracking System