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Hyva’s multimedia division strives to work closely with people, understand their needs and use technology to give the most creative multimedia services and solutions possible. Our multimedia solutions are designed to equip and enhance your business, bring in more clients and connect people. We at Hyva’s multimedia division believe that multimedia applications and technology provide the most effective ways of presenting ideas, sharing information, and entertaining people.

Our knowledge and expertise of multimedia has equipped us with the skills to converge varied technologies so that they work together seamlessly. We want to reach out and offer the same to other interested companies.

Hyva is one of the few IT companies that offers excellent multimedia services. We have a dedicated team of experienced and qualified multimedia professionals who use their expert technological and creative skills to design thoroughly engaging and interactive multimedia products and services. The products developed by HYVA’s multimedia division – such as product presentations, corporate presentations, multimedia presentation services, HR presentations, web design and website services, multimedia animation, and graphic design – focus on quality education, information and entertainment.

Our bottom line is to enhance your business to create optimum recall and maximum efficacy.


We have successfully produced and published a vast and varied array of interactive multimedia products for business processes.

  •  CMS based websites:
    •  The strength of Hyva's IT Solutions team lies in creating Content Management System based websites built to your specifications. This helps you control and update all parts of the website without the help of any web designer. We combine the security and stability of CMS with the specialised skills of our expert team to give you a flexible website with excellent support and our trademark reliability.
  •  Web designing:
    •  Hyva offers a gamut of requirements for a great multimedia webpage, such as artwork, graphics, special effects, audio, flash presentations, animation, etc., to make your website unique and interesting.
  •  Computer Base Training (CBT) and Website Based Training (WBT) solutions:
    •  We have helped many educational institutions develop their own CBT and WBT systems that enables them to teach their students using specialised computer programmes and web-based technology.
  •  E-Brochure/E-Profile:
    •  We offer E-Brochures in both flip-book and PDF formats, suited to your needs.
  •  Graphic Design:
    •  We create engaging and representative logos, visiting cards, office stationary, Graphic User Interfaces and visuals for print media and advertising.

We offer excellent multimedia presentation services that can raise your business to a higher level. We create both PowerPoint presentations and Flash presentations after studying your business’ outlook, message and audience. Hyva can either make business slides from scratch or give your PPTs a makeover.

Our gamut of services address:

  •  Corporate Videos:
    •   This is the age of videos and we understand the impact corporate videos have on the process of building your brand image. Why not move beyond a mere corporate brochure and use visual media to engage the customer completely? This can be achieved by our team of experts who are creative, innovative, understand your needs and know about the market. We work closely with our valued clients and offer corporate video services based on what the company needs.
  •  Product/Service Multimedia Presentations:
    •  At Hyva, we believe that a good product/service presentation can help establish your brand in a cutting-edge competitive environment. If you are looking to build a connection with your customers and showcase your entire range of products and services, our accomplished team can create captivating presentations.
  •  HR Multimedia Presentations:
    •  Effective induction is a critical HR process for organisations and it is crucial that they get it right as part of their short-term and long-term success. Hyva believes that HR presentations play a crucial role in improving employee productivity and relationships. We understand the need for replacing clichéd templates with new and bright ideas for HR presentations. We help companies create a professionally-designed programme that highlights their strengths and best practices.
  •  Training and Educational Videos:
    •  Hyva’s expert multimedia team creates training and educational videos for your audience that help teach, inspire and drive real change. Our videos combine the important messages you need to get across with emotion, storytelling and thoughtful editing. Your audience learn more effectively when they're engaged. And they retain that information. We understand you, your goals and the people you’re speaking to in order to create videos based on the most effective and interesting ways of expressing each key message.
  •  Architectural Walkthrough:
    •  We offer this to industries that rely on visual 3D representations of products to give their clients a clear idea of what they are investing in. Our clients in construction and real estate fields have benefitted a lot from this service.
  •  Multimedia 2D/3D Animation, Visual FX & Film:
    •   We extend these services to various corporate companies and educational institutions to help develop training modules and educational/informational videos.
  •  Flash design:
    •   Hyva offers excellent multimedia services that design animated banners for websites.

Our Multimedia Services