5 tips to create a good website design?

Website design is very critical for the overall first impression of the website and is a component that can only be ignored at your website’s peril.  So there are some key aspects that must be included in a good website if you want your website to look and feel good.

1.  Color palette: First important thing is to create a color palette.  If you want your website to look great using a great color combination could be a great way to do that.  There are many tools available online to create a good color combination for your website design and paletton is a very good tool for this.  It is really easy and simple tool and you can find it online.

2.  Great images: Another important tip when it comes to website design is using great images.  You can be good at photography and can take your own pictures but if you don’t enjoy photography then there are two ways one is to hire a professional photographer and have a custom photograph for your website that makes it stand out.  If you don’t have money to hire a photographer and you still want to use great images there are some great resources we can find either paid stock images like istock photo or shutterstock and the there is also some free resources that you can use like unsplash and pixabay photos.  There are however some rules for some of the photos that you must follow.

3.  Space: Space is also an important component of design.  Just adding a little bit of extra space around all of the elements that you have put on your website.  This goes especially for text, so you are going to have space around your headings, space around the body of your text.  One of the new trends in website design when you are making a point in text, if you are writing something is to make your paragraph short.  You can have spaces between the lines and between the paragraphs and what that allows your viewers to do when they are looking down your website is quickly scan for the information that they are looking for.

4.  Be decisive: Getting rid of using sliders.  Sliders are bad for SEO and they don’t drive interaction with your website. You generally put sliders when you are not sure what the most important thing is that you want to tell to your visitors, so you put all of these things into sliders.  What it does is that your viewers do not look at the sliders from start to finish and they just start looking down at your website.  So it is always a good idea to be decisive about the one most important thing that you want to tell to your visitors and put it on the top and then gradually tell them everything in the order of the importance.

5.  Remember your mobile viewers: It is very important to remember that people will be viewing your website on tablet and mobile devices.  So you must make sure that your website looks great on mobile.

Conclusion:  If you want your website to look and feel good then you must be clear about the aesthetic aspects of the design like the color, images, space, important text and make it look good across the devices.

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3 SEO tips to rank #1 on Google

Every website owner wants its website to rank higher on the Google rankings for the simple reason that they want their website to show in the maximum search results.  For any business to get customers it is imperative that their website ranks higher on Google.  The higher the Google rank of a website the more it shows in the search results and this is what the aim of any business is.  Search engine optimization or SEO is the way you can get your website rank higher on the Google.  There are many ways that you can do SEO and here are three very important tips to use to make your website rank number one on Google:

1.  Focus on content: If you want to get a higher ranking on Google, then you must focus on your content.  The website that has all sort of content about everything doesn’t do as well as the website that focuses on a particular niche.  A niche is a particular topic or area that is very laser focused that appeals to a very small segment of population.   To appeal to a small segment and focus on one particular niche, you have to be very thorough about your subject that you are discussing on your website.  You must have an in depth knowledge about the subject.  If your readers feel that this is all that they needed to know and that your content has answered all their questions then you are writing a good content.

2.  Optimize your title tag and your Meta description: Every time you do a Google search there is a link at the top and then there is this one sentence.  A title tag specifies the title of a webpage, it is the header, and the description below is called the Meta description.  People always click on the links that are related to their online search.  For example if you search on the SEO then you will click on the link that is related to SEO and has a description with it, that will give you a glimpse that what this article is about.  So in your title tag and your description you must make sure that you include the keyword.  You should not merely repeat a keyword for the sake of using it but it should really have a meaning, it should flow in a sentence, it should be easy to read, and it should be appealing to read.  If it is not easy to read and it does not invoke curiosity in the reader no one is going to click on it and read it.  So you must use titles that invoke curiosity, include your keywords, and at the same time make sense to the reader.

3.  Use Google search console: If you want Google to rank your page higher you must use Google search console.   Google gives you a tool that teaches you how to rank number one on Google and that is Google search console.  If you are not already a user of it, sign up, it is for free.  You are missing out if you are not using it.  If you are using Google search console give it some time as it takes some days to populate data.  It gives you analytics that shows all the pages of your website that are getting you the traffic.  Google search console also shows you, which articles are getting impressions.  By impression we mean that how many people see your results and click through and how many people don’t click through.  So they show you how many impressions you are getting, the clicks, and the click through rate.  You will find that most of your pages will get less than 5% click through rate.  The good think about Google search console is that they show you all the keywords that you are getting impressions for and all the keywords that you are getting clicks for.  So you must take all the keywords for which you are getting impressions and add them to your article, however it should naturally flow in your content and it should not look like you are writing just for the sake of using the keyword.

Conclusion:  If you want your website to rank number one on Google you must be thorough in your content, you must use keywords in your title tag and meta description so that your articles get clicked by the one doing the keyword search, and add Google search console to get all the data about how well your pages are doing and take a clue about the keywords there and use them in your content.

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6 tips to build your digital presence

Digital marketing is going to make a major part of companies overall marketing effort in the year 2020 and beyond.  If you ignore digital marketing means you are failing to tell your customers that you exist because with more advancement and usage of technology more and more of your customers are going to be found online.  So if you want to grow your business you have got to ace your digital marketing.  Here are a few tips you must consider if you want to build your digital presence:

1.  Build a conversion based website: If you want to build your digital presence it is essential to build a conversion based web design.  You may have colors and logos and styles that you prefer but when it comes to your business you must understand that it is all about what your customer experiences.  So making your web design easy for your customers to deal with, making the brand exude through your design and through your assets, making it very simple for them to take the action that you want them to take creates a convertible web design.

2.  Invest in your SEO and your PPC: By investing in your SEO long term, you can get a higher ranking or better ranking at Google or any other search engine.  This is very valuable for you because you want to rank highly and you want to take that digital real estate.  The more real estate you have the less real estate your competitors have.  Additionally, this builds trust and trust is key when you are trying to develop relationships and increase sales with your customers.  Focus on your pay per click or PPC.  This is a pay to play a game but statistically speaking more people are going to interact with the advertisements on top of the Google search result or Bing or really anywhere else that you are listing your adds.  They are going to interact there.  This is a great way to guarantee that you can be on top and in front of them when they tend to find you.

3.  Retargeting: When you have done all of the above, you need to make sure that these people are coming back to your site.  Because 97% of people that visit your site for the first time are not going to take action that you desire for them to take, they are not going to buy, they are not going to fill out the form, they are not going to interact with your business.  On an average it takes about 7 times for a consumer to see your brand, your logo, or a business asset of yours before they trust you enough to give you their information or to take the action that you want.  By investing in retargeting and building that list you are going to assure that you bring people back to your website and increase your value.

4.  Focus on your online reputation: At least 87% people will not interact with a brand meaning they won’t purchase from you and they won’t give you their information if you have no reviews. So you must make sure that you are focusing at making a great online reputation.  Making sure that you have reviews all across the review platforms like Google My Business and Facebook.  Another great opportunity is local.com.  It is a fantastic way for customers to understand who you are, what you do, and why they should trust you.

5.  Invest in your content: By investing in content means specifically invest in videos.  Videos are your 24×7 sales person.  You can take as much time as you need to develop your perfect sales pitch.  Once you make your video you can put up on your social platforms, up on your website, up on your conversion pages and you have a 24 hour salesman that is using the exact pitch that you want to drive customers through sales process.  If people are able to see you in the video it leads to building credibility for you.  Besides videos also rank highly on Google and YouTube.

6.  Focus on your social media: These are the free platforms for you to set up and they expand your digital real estate and your presence.  57% of consumers say that social media influences their shopping behavior.  It is important to invest in the social media because it is a kind of an extension of your website and to get in front of people while they are not looking for you.

Conclusion:  Building your digital presence takes effort but is worth all the hard work because in today’s changing world, it is a must to have a great digital presence.

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Do’s and don’ts of effective website design

Since website is a very efficient tool of marketing and creating brand awareness website design plays a very important role in creating a good website that delivers its objectives. Therefore it is critical to know what some of the dos and don’ts are of a website design as this could lead to the success or failure of your website and can affect your business significantly.


1.  A website design as the name suggests is a design and it involves art, so it must be aesthetically pleasing.

2.  Give a clear message to your visitor that what your business is all about it should be simple and clear.

3.  Headline should be bold and clearly visible and it should in fact stand out.

4.  The site navigation should be easy and all the buttons and icons must functional.

5.  The visitor should instantly know what you do and whether they are your target customers or not. If they are your target customers they would be interested in your content and if they are not then they will not spend time on your website, which is okay but you certainly want your target customers to spend time on your website i.e. you want to engage them and you want them to respond to your call to action.

6.  You can offer a guide or an e-book for your potential customers to download by sharing their email, which can be a lead to you and you can later tell them more about yourself and how you can help them and it can lead to conversion or sales.

7.  Talk about client’s pain and struggle and tell how you are unique and how you can help.

8.  Market to one segment, which is your customer segment and not to all and everyone out there.

9.  Showcase the results that you got for your customers in an effective way. Add nice testimonials of happy customers.  Walk your customers through the case studies of what you did for your customers and why and how.

10.  Share with your clients what journey it will take them to work with you and get the results that they want to get by working with you.



1.  An invisible heading or no heading is a strict no-no for a good website design.

2.  No call to action is equal to losing a potential customer, something which is a loss for the business because if a customer is coming to your website you must give him a clear call to action, else he won’t know what to do and you would lose him.

3.  Don’t place loud images as they do not serve any purpose without an effective message. Just having too many images without a significant message does not help a website.  So it must be avoided.

4.  Headline should not be small.

5.  Don’t use a blend text i.e. don’t just say that you are “good” or “awesome” because it doesn’t mean anything, you have to show not tell to your customer that how you are good. Your text shouldn’t be generic.  You must be able to tell others how you stand out as a company.

6.  Don’t use jargon or too much fancy words.

7.  Your website design should not look like any other website design, you must stand out and look different.

Conclusion:  Your website is a tool to generate leads and create sales for you so the website design must be one that engages your potential customer’s attention and enables him or her to become your lead or your customer.

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How to identify a good digital media marketing company?

To invest in digital media marketing for your business is a good strategy, however if you are not prudent in selecting a right digital media marketing company, you can lose your money.  Therefore, you must know how to identify a good digital media marketing company and here are the things that you must consider while selecting a digital media marketing company.

1.  Look for traffic on their website: Don’t h hire a digital marketing company who doesn’t have traffic to their own website.  If they are someone who do not have traffic to their own website how can they get traffics for your website?    They may claim that they have good SEO and good conversions but if they don’t show results at their own website, don’t hire them.

2.  Look for social proof: Look for case studies and testimonials.  If a company doesn’t have case studies and testimonials how you know they are going to do well for you.  Ideally look for bigger case studies, testimonials and logo because if big companies are trusting this company then they may really be good at what they do because big companies have much stricter hiring policies when they are hiring contractors.

3.  Look for someone who is tactical: Strategies and concepts are important but if someone doesn’t know how to implement doesn’t matter how smart they are they are never going to get you the results.  They need to know how to implement changes to your website.

4.  Make sure the people that are going to work on your account are good: No matter who the founder of the company is and how smart he is, he may not be able to personally involve himself in each account, so you must make sure that the persons who will be working on your account are good and experienced for they are the ones who will be doing digital marketing for you.

5.  You need to have regular communications: You must have regular communications with them, you should ask them if they will be providing you with weekly reports, weekly calls, or will they be doing regular email communication.  It is very important to have regular communication because then only you will be able to know if something is going wrong and you don’t want to be paying someone without having a track of where things are going for you.

6.  Ask for references: You must ask for references from the company that you want to hire for your digital marketing.  If they are not able to provide you with references then it means they have not done well for themselves.

7.  Look for people who have worked for similar businesses: It doesn’t have to be direct competitors or someone within your industry but similar size companies. You don’t want to work with someone who has only worked with big companies and haven’t worked with a small company if you are one.  If you are a local business then look for someone who has worked with other local businesses.  By ensuring that they have worked with the similar types of businesses you are more likely to get results.

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