Updated changes In digital marketing 2020

With the advancement of technology, the new trends in digital marketing are emerging. There are now various ways in which the digital marketers can communicate with their target audience. Also digital marketers have to come up with new strategies to improve the customer support and customer experience. There are following updated changes in digital marketing in 2020:

1. Video will not be as popular in 2020: Everybody is doing YouTube videos, Instagram videos. So in order to reach to your target audience you need to do live videos. This is because live videos have more engagement. So when you will post your regular videos people will watch it as they will already be engaging with you over live videos.

2. Information will be consumed in bit-sized educational and interactive chunks: Due to the increase in mobile phones and generation Y sharing the work force the bite-sized educational and interactive content has become more popular. It is believed that information is more meaningfully understood when it is provided in chunks. Therefore in order to reach your target audience you will have to create bit sized educational and interactive content.

3. Search traffic will be reduced on mobile: On mobile devices these days there are more search snippets that are appearing. This is going to cause your mobile traffic to decrease. Total business produced by organic search traffic fell 6% year over year in the second quarter of 2019. Mobile is the one that is getting hit the hardest. Where visitor growth has dropped from 13% in quarter one of 2019 to 5% in quarter two of 2019. Though, the word search traffic will drop, but the voice search traffic will increase. So you will need to build strategies to attract voice traffic.

4. Google will keep doing market consolidation in search: Now you can even buy from Google. You can buy without going to the e-commerce site. Google is going to be tasting more of these things to keep people on Google and making a purchase. You can actually adapt to Google’s changes and generate more sales, traffic, and lead. Also, people can buy from Google without going to your site, this can generate more revenue for you.

5. Social media stories will lose their popularity: It won’t be that easy to win over your target audience with your social media stories as more and more people are doing social media stories these days. So if you want to still attract people to your stories you have to entice them to join your close friend group in exchange for exclusive content. So that way they will see it, your content will go out and you will get the engagement that you want.

6. Shoppable experiences will get more and more adaptive: You can buy on Google, you can shop on Pinterest and virtual reality will also come into place where we will be able to see online what suits us and what does not. So we need to adapt to these changes if we want to sell online.

Conclusion: There are many changes happening due to changes in the technology and it impacts the way we do digital marketing.

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