15 tips to promote your Facebook page

Once you set up a Facebook page you want people to like it, comment on it, and share it.  So what can you possibly do to promote your Facebook page? Well, there are quite a few strategies that you can use to do that and here they are:

1. Invite your connections to like the page: You can send an invite to all your family, friends, and colleagues to like the page.  This is a very good place to start as your own people will always support you and they have their own network.  So they can encourage their network also to like your page.  Also if you post something that they like their network will come to know about it and they may also like it.  So this way you can increase your following.

2.  Add a right profile picture: Add a profile picture that rightly represents your business and your brand.  This picture is the most important one as it will be displayed on all your posts, in Facebook search results, and when someone shares your post on their timeline.  Make sure that the picture is 180 x 180 pixels in a square and still visible when it is reduced to 40 pixels.

3.  Add a cover photo: The cover photo on your page is the biggest image and it creates the maximum impact.  So if you add an impressive photo on it, it will be impactful.  You can keep changing this picture to match it with trends, seasons, and events that are happening in your business.  You can even add a video that will be even better to grab the attention of your visitors.

4.  Post interesting and engaging content: Write an interesting post, or share the link of your blog post on your Facebook page.  If you own a business you can give live updates about your business, about the new offers that would be of interest or use to your readers.  If you are a public figure or author you can give updates about your personal life as well as they do very well.

5.  Add a short description to your page: This description is in the “about” section.  You may use it to describe about yourself, i.e. who you are and what you do.  Use relevant keywords in this description.  so your Facebook page appears in Facebook search results for your chosen keywords.  This will help people to find you on Facebook when they will be searching for your specific keyword.

6.  Add a long description to your page: The long description is also located under the “about” section. This is just below the story headline.  You can write a few paragraphs in that.  This section is limited to 10000 characters.  You can provide all sorts of links in this section and also add your phone number and contact information in it.

7.  Add a description to your cover photo: For this you simply click on the cover photo and click on “add a description” link.  Add your description there and you can add a link and you can also add your location.  When you add a new cover photo it creates a post in your newsfeed, which is shown to your network and it will include the description.

8.  Add your website link: Your Facebook page is a great opportunity to promote your website.  You can simply add the website link on your Facebook page.

9.  Select the right business category: When you make your business page make sure to select the right business category.

10.  Create a custom or vanity url: When you create a Facebook page, Facebook automatically gives you a url with some random numbers.  You can change that url and customize it according to your business page.  You can give it your business name or your name if it is a business page or an individual page respectively.

11.  Add a call to action button to your page: You should add a call to action button on your page.  This is an opportunity to convert your visitors into leads.  You can add this button right on top of your page and add a suitable category according to your business need.  For example, if you add call now button your Facebook visitors may call you right from your Facebook page.

12.  Add page tabs to promote your product or services: You either have a business or you provide any service.  You can either choose “shop” or “service” tab from the Facebook page and fill in the  details.

13.  Pin your most important posts: When you pin your most important posts than they are displayed on top of your page.  It helps the first time visitors to get to know you and what value you are offering to them.

14.  Start posting videos: Videos by far are the most popular content that the Facebook audience likes and engages with.  So start posting videos to engage with your target audience.

15.  Enable reviews: People now a days go online and check reviews before they engage in any business with anyone.  So having reviews builds credibility and helps your business grow.

Conclusion:  If you want to promote your Facebook page online you have to follow all of the above tips to fully optimize it, so it is found by your target audience.

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