7 Tips to promote your blog

Every blogger wants that their blog should be read extensively. This is because they write the blogs for their readers at the first place. However, if the readers are not aware of your blogs they will not be able to read them. So if you want to have a good readership, you need to promote your blog. Here are some tips to promote your blog without spending money:

Build relationships

1. Engage into conversation:  Whenever people are talking about your competition, you should engage in that conversation. If they are talking about how good your competitor’s blog is you can mention about your own post that is on the same topic and highlight what points your post is covering that your competitor’s blog post is not covering. This way your readers will become aware of your blog post.

2. Comment on your competitor’s blog: You can always go to your competitor’s site and comment on their blog. It need not be a negative comment. You can appreciate their content and ask them to visit your site and also leave your link. This is a very good way to build the link back to your site and take some traffic from your competitor to your own site.

3. Start a conversation with those who can build links with you: Go to ahrefs.com. Put in your competitor’s blog url and see who is linking to them. Then write a casual mail to them telling them about yourself and asking them if you may share the link to your article with them.

4. Research about the most popular post and write one even better than that: You can go to Buzzsumo.com and do a research on the most popular and most shared posts, then you can write one better than that and post it.

5. Help on social media: You may find many people on social media complaining about your competitor. You can just write a blog or post to help them solve their problem. The more you help people it helps to build relationship with them and increases traffic on your blog posts.

Promote other’s content to promote your blog

6. Use snip.ly: Snip.ly is a site where you can promote yourself by promoting your competitors. When you share your competitor’s content then in the side of it there is a button of your company and a link for your website. So you can promote your own content by promoting other people’s content.

7. Answer questions on Quora: Quora.com is the biggest online site for asking questions and answering questions. Whenever someone asks a question on the keyword that you are writing on, you can go and answer that question. You can tie in your answer with your article on your site. This helps bring traffic to your site over a period of time.

Conclusion: If you want to promote your blog, you need to build relationships by commenting on other people’s blogs, answering on Quora and other forums and using all of the above strategies.

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