5 Tips to grow your small business online


If you want to grow your small business online then you need to position yourself in the right way online.  You are unique and so is your business so let your customers know the real you.  You also need to be clear about who your ideal customer is because all your messaging is dependent on that.  Once you know the USP of your business and know who your target customer is you can build your content around it be it on social media, your blog post, or email.  Here are the top 5 tips to grow your small business online:

Your product success story and Facebook ads

1.  Post your product success story: Even though you are a small business you may be having some success stories with your customers.  So go ahead and share them on the social media.  It does not cost you any money.  All it takes is a good writing skill.  You just share what your customer experienced when he or she bought your product and used it.  How did he/she benefit  from your product.

2.  Facebook ads: Facebook advertising is by far the most effective strategy to grow your business online.  The reason is that billions of people use Facebook and they visit Facebook multiple times a day.  So for a small business spending money on Facebook ads is a really good way to grow their business.  As lot of the potential customers of small businesses can be found on Facebook.  It is a very effective way of sending your message to your target customers very fast.

3.  Awesome YouTube videos: If you are not doing video, make sure that you start doing it.  This is because if you make good videos there are more chances of you going viral or being seen by your potential customers.  YouTube videos are easy to make for a small business as you can make them with your smart phone and then post it on your YouTube channel and on the social media as well.

Blog and webinars to grow your small business

4.  Blogging: Post at least one single post every week.  You can also post your videos on your blog.  For a small business it is a very good idea to blog frequently as it is a very effective way to do SEO.  The more you blog the better it is but it has to be consistent.  Once you have done a good research for your blog topic and created a good post, then you should share it on different social media accounts.

5.  Webinars or Google hangouts:  If you have a webinar and you promote it via a Facebook event or you promote it via Instagram or your blog then you can have hundreds of people to attend your webinar.  Your exposure is at least 100 times more than the traditional way of marketing.  Also once you have done the webinar you can present it on your Facebook page, you can leverage the same on different social media platforms.  This is again a very cost effective way for a small business to grow their business.

Conclusion:  To grow your small business online you need to implement all of the above strategies.

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