How to promote your website with less budget?

When it comes to promoting your website it does not have to cost you a fortune.  You can promote your website by leveraging the internet.  All it takes for you is some time and effort that you spend on creating content and then sharing it on the different social media.  So here are top 3 cost effective ways of promoting your website:



1.  Promote your website on Quora: The easiest option for you to promote your website is Quora.  All you need to do is go to Quora and type in all the questions that people within your space or field may have and you will start seeing lot of questions and the popular ones that are getting lot of votes.   You just need to go into those questions and answer them.  If you will answer people’s questions they will get helped and they will come back to your site and they will buy from you.  The most important thing is that it doesn’t take any money to do it.

Promote your website on Social media

2.  Post your content on social media: When you write a blog you can post a link of it on twitter, and post it on Facebook and Linkedin. Continue sharing your content on every social media platform.  You can post a paragraph on Facebook and LinkedIn and can then give a link of your blog post for them to read the entire post.  This will bring traffic to your website.


3.  Use forums to promote your website: You can go to various forums related to your area.  These forums are the discussion groups where people discuss the problems pertaining to their area and you can join the discussion, answer a few questions and then link it back to your blog post or article if you have one relevant to that question.  This will increase traffic to your website.

Conclusion:  There are many ways of promoting your website using Quora, various forums, and social media platforms without spending any money.

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