What are the top 10 benefits of blogging?


Blogging is an art of putting across your ideas in form of an article or a post.  If you have a thorough knowledge about any subject, you can write about it and share your knowledge with your audience.  Blogging is a very beneficial activity especially for the small business owners as it helps establish their credibility and helps them get leads, which may then get converted into sales.  Besides this there are following benefits of blogging:

1.  You can reach your audience on search engines: A lot many people are searching online for information. So if you can provide good information on any topic you will be found by your audience.  So you are reaching more people on search engine.

2.  You can engage with and grow your social audience: When you blog you get an opportunity to share your expertise and then share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter etc.  This drives traffic back to your website.

3.  Blogging positions you as an authority in your niche: It builds trust in the people when you write as an expert on a particular subject.  When people ask questions on a particular topic and you answer them then you are established as an authority on that particular subject.

4.  Helps build relationships with influencers: If you become an authority in your niche then other bloggers are going to see you and they are going to pay attention and you are going to join discussions on their blogs and forum.  You will then become part of the online community in your niche that opens up opportunities for potential partnerships.

5.  Helps you keep ahead of competition: Blogging helps you build your authority in your field and hence it keeps you ahead of competition.

Some more benefits of blogging

6.  Recession proofs your business: Blogs create evergreen channels for traffic that feeds leads into your business.  You write a blog once and you keep getting traffic again and again.  So you can leverage your blogs after just writing them once.  They can bring your traffic even 2 to 3 years after you have written them.

7.  It grows your platform as an expert and thought leader: It is very beneficial for small business owners and professional service providers like doctors, lawyers etc.   You get lot of speaking invitations after you start blogging.

8.  Additional revenue streams: If you blog once every day or even twice a week you are going to find new revenue streams.  You can get revenue by putting ads through Google or other advertising networks on your blog.  You can do affiliate marketing as well for any product related with your niche.

9.  Way to publishing: You can take 5 or 10 of your blogs and put it together in form of an e-book.

10.  Saves money on advertising: When you blog and establish yourself as an authority, people trust you more and you have more conversions and more leads.  Blogging is a very efficient way of marketing.  It saves you lot of expenditure on sales and advertising.

Conclusion:  Blogging is extremely beneficial for small business owners as it helps establish their credibility and helps generate leads.

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