5 steps to growing your business using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional network that cannot be ignored by the businesses who want to grow.  So if you want to be successful in your business you should be capitalizing on the ways in which LinkedIn can help grow your business.  We all want leads, traffic, and sales but there is a different approach when you use LinkedIn.

In this article I am going to share 5 strategies to grow your business using LinkedIn.

1.  Complete your profile: When you are on LinkedIn it is very important to let people know who you are.  So you need to complete the profile and make it compelling.  Add advanced applications.  Tell people who you are, what you stand for.  How people can benefit from connecting with you or how you help them.

2.  Connect with everyone: Don’t just connect with people you already know. Start branching out and start reaching out to new people that you want to connect with, people in your industry, other leaders, and people in your local market.  The more you connect with new people the more the opportunities for you are going to grow.

3.  Endorse and recommend others: The best way to receive endorsements and recommendations is to give them first.  Start with your family and friends and start endorsing them for the skills that they have and start recommending them.  Create nice little messages on their profile that are like testimonials so other people can see how good a job they really do in business.

4.  Create your own targeted LinkedIn group: When you create your own targeted groups it allows you to have an influence in your industry, it allows you to send a message to all the members, and in getting more traffic, more leads, and more sales.

5.  Optimise your profile for search rankings: So just like you would on Google where you want to optimise your website for the keywords, you want to do the same thing on LinkedIn.  People are searching on LinkedIn every single day for experts, consultants, authorities to hire to solve the problem in their business.  So you want to make sure you add specific keywords throughout your profile.  Once you do that you see your profile and your name move up the rankings on LinkedIn.

Whatever you want in your business more traffic, more leads, more business, it all starts with growing a stronger network.

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