7 ways to boost your website conversion

As a business owner you may be having a website and you may be doing everything to get the traffic on your website.  Though having traffic is good but it is not enough.  You want that traffic to be converted.  You are also looking for website conversion.  Here are some practical tips to increase your website conversion:

1.  Clarity: It is important to have clarity on your website.  This simply means that people must get a clear idea about what your website is without the need for them to scroll down.  This is because people stay on a website for a very short span of time and they rarely scroll down.  So what they see without scrolling is very critical to whether they stay or leave your page.  Generally websites lack clarity.  They either have too many pictures scrolling, or too much jargon, or no clear call to action.  This distracts the reader.  In this case the rule of thumb is less is more.  One single powerful image is enough.  The image should reflect a happy result that your visitor will be having after they convert.  The more concise you are with your message with a clear call to action the better would be your conversion.

2.  Clear value proposition with empathy: The clear value proposition with empathy is a few sentences that describe that what the benefits of working with you are.  You should convey these benefits with empathy i.e. your visitor must feel that you understand his or her pain.    This will help your visitor to become a prospect from a visitor.

3.  Easy step by step plan: It must be clear that how you handle your clients.  The process needs to be easy and simple.  What it tells your visitors is that you have a method.

4.  Include testimonials: You must have testimonials on your website.  However, there should not be too many or too less of them.  The rule of thumb is it is either two or four testimonials that are enough.  And these testimonials should have a picture of the person, the name of the person, and something that identifies a person either the city, or title, or company.  The testimonial should also show that what problem you solved for your customers, there should be a before or after depiction.  The ideal testimonial is where people share what problem they had before and how after working with your company their problem has been resolved and there life is much better now.

5.  Include failure to act: This section should simply tell people that if they don’t do what you are asking them to do then it will have an impact on them.  This will give people a sense of urgency.  This will also bring to their notice some of the stuff that they may not have thought of.  All our decisions are based on either the benefit I am going to get or failure of loss on the other side.

6.  Clear call to action: You must have a clear and precise call to action.  Your call to action must be at multiple places of website.  People are going to be scrolling so you cannot have just one call to action at the top.  It needs to be repeated multiple times.  You can give different calls to action at the top, middle, and bottom of your page.

7.  Include a video: You need a video to convert your visitors into prospects.  A recent survey on website conversion showed that a video on your website improved conversion by 80%.  Your video should be about what benefits your visitors will have if they take your services and also show some empathy as people respond positively to empathy.    Also close the video with a strong call to action.

So if you follow the above steps your website will have a higher conversion rate of your website.

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