10 ways to increase organic traffic on your website

If you are a business owner then the challenge in front of you is that your potential customers find you online.  For this you can do a lot by investing your time and energy into some efforts that will increase organic traffic on your website.  If you want to transform your website into a customer or lead generation machine then here are the 10 ways to do so:

LinkedIn, LSI keywords, and Tweets

1.  Promote articles on LinkedIn: You can sift through the blog posts that you have written and post it as an article on the LinkedIn.  It really helps if you have a good network on LinkedIn.  You can also link your post on LinkedIn to your blog post on your website.  It is a good way to drive traffic on your website. Especially of people who may really be interested in the topic that you have written about.  You can also make a video of your blog post that you have written as videos really work well on LinkedIn.

2.  Update posts with LSI keywords: LSI keywords are the keywords that are related to your main keywords.  So if you use them in your posts, it will be a signal for Google that you are writing about that topic and it will rank you high.  For example if you are an interior designer then Google will look at related words like “renovation” or “bedroom”.  For this you can go in the website LSIgraph.com and put your main keyword there and look for the related keywords to your main keyword.  Then try to include these keywords into your content as naturally as possible.

3.  Tweet your posts 6 times: It has been found that if you share your post 6 times only 14% of your followers will look at it more than once.  So you will not be over sharing it.  Tweeting the content this much leads to more organic traffic on your site.

Click to tweet and CTR

4.  Create “click to tweet” links: Go through some of the best content and create “click to tweet” links within that content.  Go through your 5 to 10 posts and then read through them.  And find the most interesting tweetable snippets that your readers would like to read and tweet it to their followers.  This could be something inspirational or a useful tip that they can share.  For this you can go to clicktotweet.com and you are going to pre write your tweet and a link will be generated.  And you are just going to put this link right next to the tweetable snippet.

5.  Improve your CTR: The next is to improve your click through rate.  If one of your pages shows in the search results then you can really increase the number of persons coming to your site if more people click on your listing then your competitor.  If you can somehow make your listing more enticing than more people will click through your listing.

Not only will it increase the traffic at your site but it will make Google take note of your site and it will likely improve its ranking.  This is because Google just wants to show the most relevant posts to the searchers.  So if you just give a good SEO title that describes what benefits you offer or what people will gain to read your post. Then you will have chances of having greater click through rate.

List articles, images, and speed of website

6.  Create more list articles: It has been found that list articles are shared more frequently than the “how to” articles.  You should start brainstorming the questions that your customers have and try to answer them in a list like article.  Buzzsumo recently conducted a study where they analysed a million articles.  They found that the posts with numbers in the title are shared more than the “how to” posts.

7.  Add more images to posts: The posts with higher images are liked by the readers and they make them stay longer on your posts.  This is then rewarded by the Google.  This also results in way more shares.  Articles with more images are shared more on twitter than articles with fewer images.

8.  Speed up your website: Speed of your site is also what Google considers.  Also, people also stay longer at your site if it is easy to navigate and loads at a faster pace.

Internal links and blogging

9.  Add internal links to your site: It is becoming very important to Google that you link page to page in your site.  It signals more to them that these pages are related and this is more likely to make these pages show up in the search.

10.  Blog regularly: Blogging is a very effective way to increase organic traffic.  This is because it allows you to go deep into the content that is focused at your particular customer profile.  Write good content for your website to benefit from your blog and it should be relevant as the poorly written content can really harm your website.

Conclusion:  If you follow the above mentioned ideas you can increase the organic traffic on your website.

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