How digital marketing will change in 2020

If we talk about digital marketing it changes every year.  This is because it is built on technology and technology changes every year.  So a good digital marketer is someone who embraces each change and figures out a way to profit from it.  Here are some of the changes that are going to be prominent in 2020:

Chatbots and Interactive posts

1.  Use of chatbots: Now one of the first things that are going to change a lot is chatbots.  Chatbots is a computerized messaging system on Facebook business page.  When a question is asked by a human, chatbot responds to it from the database that is available.  For a lot of businesses a lot of messages come on a daily basis so  you can automatize these messaging processes and ensure that bot converts cold traffic into paying customers without the need of human intervention.  The messenger bots at instagram are also likely coming up.  It is assumed that since Facebook has allowed chatbots on its platform, it will allow it on instagram as well.

2. Interactive posts: You may have seen on instagram recently we now have shoppable posts, where e commerce brands will upload a picture of t-shirt and somebody sponsored by a company will put their clothes up and you can click on the item and actually you will go straight to its website and you can purchase that product directly from instagram.  These are what are called shoppable posts and businesses are going to start using these lots more.  It will see a lot more interaction within the platform instead of actually having to take people away from the platform.

AI and AR and digital marketing

3.  Artificial intelligence: Facebook has been working on an AI ad system that will actually write ads for you.  It is going to make a digital marketer’s job more important.  As a digital marketer you will have to make sure that content is better, you will have to make sure that you are writing better ads.  This is because AI will use the existing database to create new ads.   AI will look at different individual components of the ad copy that has been written and will take elements and it will rewrite that ad copy completely.  This would mean it will take a good digital marketer to be able to make use of this tool and also profit from this tool.  Because this is going to mean that people are going to have better ads.  They are going to have more conversions, which means your clients can have more revenue and so the digital marketers can charge higher service charges.

4.  Augmented reality: Augmented reality is a technology that allows the users to use their pictures using video or camera and the technology augments that image with extra layers of digital information like audio, visual, and olfactory.  For example, ray ban already uses this technology that allows their buyers to try different types of glasses on their picture, which gives them an idea about which glass suits them more.

This leads to better customer engagement and more sales.

Vanity Matrices

5.  Vanity matrices: Another thing that is going to change in 2020 is vanity matrices. For example, in Australia they have removed the “likes” matric from the Facebook and instagram.  On YouTube they now do not tell you about the exact number of subscribers that one has.  They have taken it down.   So people do not look at it and do not use it for vanity.  As a marketer this is only going to mean that you make sure that the content is better.

So in 2020 technology will change a lot and it will impact the digital marketing as well.  It will mean that the importance of good content will increase.

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