How to increase traffic to your website?

Everyone who has a business wants to increase traffic to his or her website.  Since we are collectively spending 54% of time on social media it makes sense to direct that traffic to our website as well i.e. to make our presence known to our prospects.  For this we can follow 5 easy steps:

1.  Videos: If you want to increase traffic on your website the first and the foremost is to have videos on your website.  You need to have full time videographer or a full time agency for making videos for you.  Videos are an effective tool of marketing as they get 1800% more engagement than text and pictures combined.  In a study it has been found that 25% of the shares that people share are inspirational or educational videos, 17% are funny, and 15% are entertaining videos.  So where the website owners can make a difference is in the sphere of educational and inspirational videos.  There are 3 essential types of videos that your business needs to grow.

Types of videos:

First type is the how-to videos.  This is because most of us search online to know how to do things.  The second type of video is that of every single product or service that you have.  Every product or service that you have should have a video.  That video should be on the landing page of the product or service that you have.  The third type of video is how much does it cost video.  This is because people are asking this question about the products that how much a particular product is costing.  So you may make a video around the price of your product or service as well.

Myth about videos

Many people believe that 2 minutes should be the ideal length of the video but that is not necessarily true.  The reality is that if your video is boring people will watch it for 30 seconds, however it is interesting then people may even watch a 30 minute video.  The video can be as long as they need to be and as short as you can make them.

2.  SEO: It is very important to do SEO if you want to increase traffic on your website.  Your website should be an SEO friendly website.  It has been found that 4 out of 5 smartphone users do a search on their mobiles to find businesses offering the stuff they want.  If you do not optimize your website there is no point in having a website.  You must understand that people on Facebook have no intent to buy but on Google people go to buy stuff and they have a strong intent to buy. So your website should be search engine optimized if you want to increase traffic on it.

3.  Social media: If you want more traffic on your website via the social media you need to post interesting content in your Facebook posts or other media that you are on.  We must put content on social media that adds value to anyone who sees it, or post content that makes you smile, or something that wants to make you participate.  On social media you have got to be authentic.

4.  Blogs and content: People often think that you need to post lot of content.  This is not true.  It is also believed that Google likes fresh content.  There is no evidence to show that Google will prefer a fresh piece of content versus an old piece of content.  Also it is believed that Google prefers short and concise content, which is also not true.  So the better habit is that the content should be of high quality.  One good post is better than 100 useless posts.  What Google loves is that your content should be relevant, it should have authority, and it should make people stick around for a while and read it.

5.  Email marketing: Email marketing is another way in which you can drive traffic to your website.  For this one of the important things is the open rate.  You must have a tool that gives you your open rate. And you must also know your click through rate.  This is because what you measure will improve.  What is important to know about email marketing is that 70% of people open it based on their subject line.  Also 60% of people open based on from name in the email.  If your open rate is not good then another reason could be that your database is old and stale.  So you may need to refresh the database.  If your database is fine then may be your content needs to be improved.  It is better to create a content that is text only, provides value to the reader, and doesn’t have pictures.

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