How to do personal branding on social media?

Before we discuss personal branding on social media let us first understand what is branding.


A brand is the perception that people have of you that differentiates you from others.  It is your reputation.  This is your unique personality, your unique way of doing things, and your unique way of perceiving the world around you.  Personal branding on social media is all about reflecting your own style.  It is all about sharing with the world how you are experiencing the world.

So when it comes to personal branding on social media, you should take following action:

Be clear and authentic

1.  Figure out what you want to be known for: You should be clear about what you want to be known for. What sets you apart from everyone else?  People should be able to look at your profile and tell who this person is, what are his values, what are his hobbies and passions, and interests. So your posts should reflect your personality, as it is your personality that sets you apart.

2.  You should be authentic: A very important part of personal branding is authenticity.  You have got to be authentic i.e. if people meet you in person they should get the same feeling as what they see in your posts.  Your personal brand online should match with your personal brand offline.  You have to be consistent and you have to show the real you.

Understand and engage

3.  Understand the “why” behind social media: Before you think of any kind of personal branding on social media, you must know the reason why people use social media.  What is the driving factor behind social media?  The reason why social media exists is because human beings are very social by nature and they enjoy interacting with each other.  They love the dialogue that happens on social media.

If you want to share information about what makes you unique and you can give information about your brand and how you run your business, at the same time you can also have a conversation with your target audience.  So you build the rapport even before they come into your business, while they are at your business, and after they have left your business.  And that is what is so unique and exciting about social media.  It is all about relationships.

4.  Start the conversation: Social media is all about being social.  So it is not just about you talking about yourself.  It is about starting a conversation with your audience by liking their posts, commenting on other’s posts and sharing their posts.  It has to be a two way conversation.  It is all about being engaged.

Be social and experiment

5.  Brand is not just about you: A common misconception about the personal brand is that it is all about you but it is more than that.  It is also about the people or community that you serve.  It is about who do you help.

You may retweet other people’s content and not just push your own content because you like that particular tweet or what message it is conveying to your audience.  So here your audience becomes important and not you.

It is like telling people that you like this content because this is what you are about but it is not from you.  This helps build relationships with other people in the industry, which is just a domino effect for potential success.


6.  Try experimentation: You can do various experiments on social media. Post whatever you like and find interesting.  There can be a lot of variety there.  There are no specific rules for building your brand on social media.  Different things work for different people.  You have to check the analytics and find out what is working.  Because your audience is unique to you, it is personal.  So you have to try and find out what works out with your personal audience whether it is stories, it is video, or one line messages you have to look at the response and figure that out for yourself.


If you want to build a personal brand on social media just be who you are because you are unique and be authentic and understand the above mentioned concepts to build your personal brand.  Wish you the very best for your journey on social media.

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