7 strategies for internet marketing


Internet marketing deals with marketing using the internet and email to drive direct sales.  The purpose of all marketing effort is sales.  So in the same way with internet marketing also the purpose is sales and it can be achieved by increasing traffic on your site.  To have more traffic on your site, you need to understand SEO, email marketing, PPC advertising, and social media marketing.   Based on all these factors you do marketing on the internet.  For this you must have the mindset of helping the people and trying to solve their problems rather than cold selling them.  When you solve people’s problems through free and valuable content that is relevant to your business, then you reach larger audiences and build trust. So following are the top 7 strategies for internet marketing:

Blogging and video for internet marketing

1.  Blogging with SEO in mind: Blogging is not about what you did today or giving any sort of personal account of your life.  This may work if you have an existing and loyal audience.  But when you are trying to get traffic for your website, leads, and sales then you must solve real problems for the people that are your target audience.  In the world of blogging this whole process can be summed up as a technique called “keyword” research.  For keyword search you have to find the keyword for what people might be searching in a particular area.  For example if you sell mattresses.  Then what do you think your future customers might be searching on Google.  Probably questions like, what are good and durable mattresses? How to overcome back problems?  So help your readers to answer their problems in the post.  The best thing about blogging for SEO is once you rank you will be getting free, consistent, and passive traffic from Google.

2.  Invest in video content: Another strategy is to invest in video content specifically on YouTube.  YouTube is the second most visited search engine in existence.  Like for the written content people are going to YouTube to search for their problems.  You can take help of many free or paid keyword research tools that are available online to do the keyword research.

Social media and paid advertising

3.  Social media marketing: For social media marketing just focus on one social media channel when you are just starting out.  It takes time to build a following but numbers do matter.  What you want is a loyal following.  When you go on every social network that is available then your attention gets divided and the effect gets diluted.


So which social media channel you should focus on?  You must go where your target audience is and cater to that platform.

4.  Paid advertising: When it comes to paid advertising please do not throw your money blindly into an ad network because you read that it was good.  What works for one person won’t necessarily work for the other person.  Instead think about the ABCs of the paid advertising.  A is for audience, B is for budget and C is for commerciality.  You want to engage where your target audience hangs out.  When it comes to budget you must know that Google and Facebook are the major companies in the world of online advertising companies.  The way adds work is usually based on auction.  The more advertisers there are, the more expensive it gets for everyone.  For this you must look for keywords that have lower cost per click.  The second thing is to experiment with less popular ad platforms, where your target audience might be.   Finally it is commerciality.  Now all major ad platforms are able to bring the ROI for their advertisers, otherwise they wouldn’t exist.  But it is up to you as to how wisely you use it.

Podcasts, and email marketing

5.  Podcasts:  There are two things about the podcasts.  First one is to create your own and second is to get interviewed on someone else’s podcast.  Creating your own podcast can be great for building your brand and your audience.  If you are just starting out then it can be difficult to get any sort of support.  So getting interviewed can be a good idea to get a ready audience to promote yourself.

6.  Email marketing: Email marketing is great but first you need traffic to get email subscribers.  It also requires opt-in-forms to turn a visitor into a subscriber.  Email is a great tool to build connection with the audience.  So first you must focus on building your email list from day one.  Be realistic with your goals and put more time into your email list as your audience grows.

Forums and community boards

7.  Forums and community boards: The final strategy is to use forums and community boards.  Community forums like Quora, Reddit and Facebook are great promotion channels.  You shouldn’t be using these forums to spam the audience with your own links instead use these forums to build the relationships and help.


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