How you can start social media marketing?

You want to grow your business and you know that you need to do social media marketing for that.  However, there are so many platforms and so much content and you just feel overwhelmed about how to start with social media marketing for your business.  Here are a few tips about how to do that:

1.  Pick the right social network: There are lot of social networks out there.  There is Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter etc.  It is up to you which network you want to be on.  You could be on all of them but if you are on all of them then you are not going to spend enough time to make these profiles amazing.  Social media 5-6 years ago was very easy to leverage to get traffic from but now the algorithms have changed as there is lot of competition and they want the best people on these media.


In another words if you are not really best at what you do you are not going to do well.  So you need to pick the right social network.

Pick network based on your space

So the way you pick the social network is look at what space you are in.  If you are in B2B then chances are that LinkedIn is going to be the best social network for you.  Twitter is also another good network for B2B but LinkedIn is certainly better.   If you are B2C Facebook is really good, Instagram is really well, and YouTube is also well.  YouTube in fact works for both B2B and B2C.

Pick network based on your content

Also you must see what content type you are good at creating.  If you are good at creating videos then you should start with YouTube or LinkedIn.  Facebook is much more competitive.  On YouTube you have the longevity even if you don’t have the audience; you don’t have the subscribers you can get more traffic overtime.  This is because on Facebook people don’t search anything whereas, on YouTube people really search the content.  And your videos can continually get viewed if you rank higher.

If you are going after older demographic Facebook is great, if you are going after younger demographic instagram and snapchat are preferred.

2.  Start creating content: You must start off with creating content on these social media.  You can start with completing your profile on these media.  You need to complete everything from your user name, to email address, to a really nice image and a good description about who you are or your company.  This helps in people getting to know you and establish credibility. When you complete your profile talk about the benefits people are going to get by following you or subscribing to you.  However creating the profile is only the first step.  The important thing is to create the content.

Check your competition on social media

For creating content check out your competition on social media.  Check what your competition is doing.  When you will look at your competition you will get an idea about what is working for them and what is not working for them.  If you do not know how to create content you can just share a status update, you can also share some links and if you do not know what links to share you can go on and type a keyword from your industry and it will show what articles people want to read.

3.  Build a connection: Now that you are creating content the next thing is to build a connection.  You need to build the connection because it is a social network and it is a people’s network.  So make sure you are friending all the people you know, following them, engaging with them and building connection.  You do this by going and checking their status update.  If they have a question you may answer it or like or comment on their update.  In other words you engage with your contacts.  Even if someone posts a question on your update, you must answer it and if they comment you must respond and acknowledge that.  This is a way to building a connection.

4.  Don’t go for follower count: It is all about having valuable connections.  All the algorithms look for engagement rate.

Go after engagement rate

Even if you have fewer followers but they are all engaged with you then social network like Facebook would find it amazing and it will decide that your content should go viral because everyone loves it.  It is not about having many number of followers but having a number of  engaged followers.

5.  Wait before you promote your business: Don’t push people to your business from day 1.  Within 3 months or 6 months you can start talking slowly about your business.  You must talk about your business only after you have built connection with them and not before that.


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