How to drive traffic with content marketing?

Content marketing has been present ever since we learnt to write. However, today with internet its form has considerably changed.  Today, in the context of content present on internet content marketing is all about driving traffic to our website.  It’s about having people interested in our product and pay attention to us and that is really why we are producing content.

1.  Myths and bad habits around content marketing:

If we look at the current scenario often times we find that the content that we are writing is not producing any traffic.

The reason is that there are lot of myths around it.  The myth is that we need too much content for our website.  The truth is that too much bad content does not help the website.  In fact if it is bad then it is detrimental to the website.

The second myth is that Google likes fresh content.  They do like fresh content but that is certainly not the top 5 things that they consider.  The third myth is that content should be short and sweet as people don’t like to read long content as they are lazy and that is not true.

The better habit that you want to develop is writing a quality content, which means writing content that is useful.  One piece of content that is useful has more value than 100 pieces of content that has no value.  So your content must be resourceful and extremely helpful.  And another better habit is to do a lot of research.

2.  How to create content people want to read:

The important thing for Google is that your content is relevant, second is authority that is your content has lot of back links as a lot of people are linking to your content because it is extremely useful.  And that it is sticky means how much time people are spending on your blog.

To create this kind of content you should do a lot of research and spend a lot of time educating yourself.  A very good tool to do research on content marketing is Buzzsumo.  It tells us what the popular pieces of content are around a specific topic.  Also, when you do Google search, then besides the results Google also tells related searches.  This is a great source of information that tells us what people actually want to read.

There is another tool that is that also tells us what people want to read.  So we have got to do a thorough research on what people want to read and then create a quality content around it

3.  Best format to use:

There are three ways to present the content in:

1.  Lists: Where you can say top 10…or 23 way…etc.  It has been found that the numbers 10 and 23 are liked by people.

2.  Crowd source, Awards and Tips: It is based on the research done by Brian Dean on content marketing.  It is actually asking people within a specific industry for help.  For example for an interior design blog, you can ask a particular question regarding interior design and send it across to several interior designers for them to answer and then you can put that in a blog.

You can ask people to give award to top 23 interior designers in   Bangalore if you have an interior design blog.  All this involves time and effort, but it is really helpful when it comes to driving traffic to your website.

3.  Guides:  This format has all the information and resources on a topic. For example, if you give someone all information regarding how to recover from an auto accident, you talk about chiropractor and you talk about insurance.  Then you are a good resource for someone who has met with an auto accident and your content is important for such a person.

4.  What triggers people to share our content

What has people share our content?  Noah Kegan in Buzzsumo did a research on 10 million articles.  And what he discovered is that the content that gets shared by 30% of people falls in the category of utility.  Another thing that they found was that the most shared content had 3000 words and up.  The next thing was that 77% of the content that got shared had positive emotions.  The last one was looking good factor i.e. if I share this content I will look good.

5.  Ways to promote your content

Another important thing is to promote the content that you have written.  A very important tool for that is Facebook, where you post a 1-2 minutes of video linking it with the main content.  Same thing has to be done with Instagram where you make 59 seconds video with a link to the main content.  You can also promote your content on LinkedIn.  Another important way to promote content is link building.  Where a lot of sites link to your websites.  The best backlinks that you can get is with .edu and .gov.

Conclusion:  If you do a thorough research and write a content that people want to read then you will be able to drive traffic to your website.

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