How to do social media marketing on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in today’s times.  As per the statistics there are 2.4 billion users of Facebook worldwide.  And the number is continuously increasing.  In this scenario it becomes imperative for marketers to be present and visible on this popular platform.  In this post we are going to discuss how to do social media marketing on Facebook.

Content that is liked, shared, and is engaging

1. Write content that is liked and shared: If you want to understand how to do social media marketing on Facebook then you must understand the context in which you want to do it. The important thing to understand is that on Facebook nobody is there with an intention to buy.  It is all about getting people’s attention on things that interest them.

Facebook is all about writing a good post that gets read and it is not about what people are actually searching.  On Facebook people don’t read because they are searching for something but because they liked the topic of the post and it was a good content.  On Facebook, if they like something they “like” it and “share” it with others.  That is what a marketer should be focusing at.  A marketer’s aim should be to be liked and shared by its Facebook audience.  And Facebook will promote what we “collectively” like.

2.  Write content that is engaging: So in essence we have a platform that will promote your content as long as people like it and the more comments, the better it is.  This is because more comments on your post shows that people are interested in it and they are participating and engaging with the topic.  So it reflects higher level of interest of people in your content.  So as a marketer your aim should be to create content that is engaging.

Inspiring, educational, funny or entertaining Facebook post

3.  Write content that is inspiring, educational, funny or entertaining: Facebook algorithm will hide boring stuff.  The objective of Facebook is to give a good experience to its users.  So they do not show the boring stuff.  There was a survey done recently on all social media content and what came out was that 25% of all social shares was for inspiring and educational content, 17% of share was for the content that was funny and 15% of it was for entertaining content.  So if you want to be liked by your Facebook audience then you should write content that is inspiring, educational, funny or entertaining.

You shouldn’t be the first one to like your own post as it really doesn’t help your brand.

Most brands post and disappear.  This is not a right thing to do.  Facebook is all about posting stuff and engaging with your audience.

Quality vs. quantity

4.  Focus on quality not on quantity: It is not about how many posts you post on the Facebook, it is all about is your post generating interest of the reader.  If you are continuously posting something that is not of interest to the readers, there is no use posting such content.  Facebook is not about the quantity instead it is about the quality of your post.  Marketers are more concerned with pushing the boring content than engaging with the audience and in fact they should just do the opposite.

5.  Quality check on your post: Before posting any content on the Facebook do the quality check on your post by asking three questions and your answer should be “yes” for at least one of the three questions.   Q1. Does it make me smile? Q2.  Does it add value?  Q3.  Does it make me want to participate?


If you write content on Facebook that is interesting it will be liked by the readers, so try to write content that is of interest to the reader if you want your reader’s attention.

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