Top 6 ways to do digital marketing

What is digital marketing?

Before we look into the top ways of doing digital marketing let us first understand what it is.

Digital marketing is the synonym of online marketing, internet marketing, or web marketing.

In today’s times it is growing at a very fast pace and therefore every company is using digital marketing to promote its product or services.  This is a very good way to increase brand awareness.

As we know marketing is the only way to get one’s product or services to reach people.  So earlier people used to do marketing on mediums like television, newspaper, radio, banner, and posters.  Now since the number of users of internet has increased it has become mandatory to do marketing on the internet.

Digital marketing is a very fast way of reaching to your target audience.

And now we will look into how many ways you can do digital marketing:


1.  SEO: SEO or search engine optimization is a very important way of doing digital marketing.  If you are a blogger or website owner then SEO is of importance to you.

You can do SEO and you website can rank on top on the search engine.  You can get more organic traffic with this.  For this you must have the knowledge of SEO.

2.  Social media marketing: This is a very easy and popular way.  Many companies use social media for promoting their products and services.

3.  Email marketing: Email marketing is a very effective tool to build a personal relationship with the customer.

4.  Affiliate marketing: This is a commission based marketing and companies that sell their products online run affiliate marketing programs.

Under this program you can sell the products or services of the company and earn a commission for the sale.

5.  PPC or Pay per click: In  you give the responsibility of promoting your product or services to an advertising company.

In this as many times people click on your link you have to pay for each time to the advertising agency.  Google adwords is one such agency.

6.  Apps marketing:  There are many mobile applications of various companies that are found in the Google playstore.  In this age of smart phones people like to buy through the mobile applications.  So apps are a very effective way of marketing your products or services.

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