Video: The future of digital marketing


For digital marketing most people do blogging, improve the content of the website, do link building etc.  However, in the days to come videos are going to be the future of digital marketing.  The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg said that in the days to come people will be seeing a lot of videos on the Facebook platform.  Be it big brands or individuals everyone is putting videos on the YouTube.

Why video is future of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is all about creating awareness of your brands using the digital media on the internet like the mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc.

So the marketing that you are do must consider the various gadgets that people are using these days .  Also, what form are they consuming the information.  These days people are consuming the information on the internet through videos.

Also, videos are something that are being promoted by the YouTube.   Even if you do good SEO for your website, your website may go higher in the rank but Google will not promote it.  However, if you make a video, it is promoted by YouTube.

For example, if you watch a particular video on digital marketing, the YouTube will start recommending the same type of other videos without the maker of the video doing any promotion.  Thus you get promoted for free at the YouTube.

The chances of you being found by your target audience are enormous at YouTube.  This creates brand awareness about your product or service and your products start selling.

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