Tips for effective video marketing

Importance of video marketing

Everyone today who is into digital marketing will agree that video marketing is the way to go. It is effective and it delivers when it comes to lead generation and conversion. However, when it comes to actually doing marketing there is a lot that needs to be learnt to be able to use this tool effectively and to your advantage. So how to do video marketing that is effective and brings you the desired results.
In this blog I will try to answer this question.

video marketing

What is effective video marketing

1. Tell customer story rather than your story: The first kind of video that is really going to make a difference is to use video to tell your customer’s story and not your story.
2. Emphasising people over business: In today’s world people really value authenticity in all forms. So you should not come across as overly polished and overly professional and just get a little more real.

3. Use YouTube advertising: You should make your advertisement and tell YouTube to put it in front of your target audience.
4. Video Email marketing: You should add videos in your email marketing. It is much better than plain text email.
5. Custom welcome videos: If your website exists largely to book consultations and schedule appointments then you can use really simple custom videos to increase the show up rate for those appointments.
6. A process video: If you are giving something that is complicated you can make a little process video that breaks everything down in very simple steps.
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