5 Key components of a good video


In the age of Facebook and YouTube, videos are gaining importance like never before.  People are consuming videos more than the written content as videos are more engaging and entertaining and include voice or sound as compared to the text.  So this is the reason behind the high popularity of the videos.  In this scenario it is becoming imperative for marketers to create videos that put their message across to their potential customers.  In order to do this effectively one must take care of the 5 key components that are essential for making a good video. 

Following are the 5 key components of a good video:
1 Introduction: First of all you must introduce yourself.   Who you are.  Tell about your product or service.  In your introduction you have to engage your audience and give them a reason to keep watching.  You must be very clear in your communication about how what you are about to tell them is of benefit for them to sustain their interest in your video.  Make it personal because you want to connect with your audience.

Story in the video

2.  You must tell a story: After you have introduced yourself, next thing is to tell them a story.  The story can be about yourself, it can be related with your brand but there has to be a story because people are always interested in stories.  This is because they relate with the stories and in these stories they are somewhere able to see themselves.

3.  Talk about struggles: When you have built a story you must talk about the struggles that either you have faced or that everyone faces.  This means you have to talk about the pain area.  It is only when you talk about the pain area with which your audience can relate that they get interested in listening further.  Again this helps to build a relationship.

4.  The solution: After you  have talked about the pain and the struggle now you talk about the solution.  What you found that made all the difference for you or how your product or service is offering them a solution for their pain and struggles.

5.  CTA- Call to action: After you have given a solution to the audience you immediately give them a call to action i.e. make them like your video, share your video, or comment in your video, or subscribe to your channel.  This is because to begin with you want to grow your audience.  You can also ask for their email by downloading something from your website.  Your call to action depends upon the goal that you want to achieve through your video.  So you must be very clear about what goal you want to achieve by your video.

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