5 Benefits of digital marketing


In today’s world where more and more people are going online before making any decision to buy anything, it is not intelligent to ignore digital marketing or internet marketing. Data shows that in the year 2019 people have been using mobile 200 minutes a day and in the year 2020 it is going to be 300 minutes a day. Data also shows that the attention span of people has reduced to almost 50% of what it used to be 10 years back. People like to watch videos more than read anything. One can create content that is according to the interest of the viewers.

Benefits of internet marketing

Here are 5 important benefits of digital marketing because of which it cannot be avoided:

1. It is cost effective: Traditional marketing is less effective and more expensive, whereas digital marketing is more effective and less expensive. This is because if we for example want to target the people of Bangalore then we don’t have to pay for an advertisement in the national newspaper.  As it will be very expensive. In digital marketing we can simply give our advertisement for the people in Bangalore.
2. It is targeted: The biggest advantage of it is this that it is targeted. In digital marketing, you can create content for your target segment that is specifically for them.

Whereas in the traditional marketing you are putting your advertisements for all the people even if they are not your target audience. Digital marketing can be done even for people in a particular radius around your area, whereas this is not so much possible in the traditional marketing.

Brand awareness

3. Creates brand awareness: It helps create brand awareness to a larger level. This is because in this your search history is being recorded and you are shown advertisement based on what you searched.

So whatever you search, when you see advertisement related to that you become aware of the brand. So digital marketing creates brand awareness in its target customers.
4. It is measurable: The results of digital marketing are measurable. With the help of Google Analytics, one can know how many people are visiting your pages and which of your links are getting clicked, which post is being read, and which keyword is getting you traffic and in short which part of your marketing is working. You can optimize your pages according to all this information and promote them more.
5. Communicate with your potential customers: With digital marketing you can communicate with your potential customers that is the ones who are really interested in your product or service. This is because your advertisement is shown to the individuals who are already searching for your product and services. So you can get more customers in less time.

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