Top 5 mistakes in website design and how to avoid it

When it comes to website design everyone wants to put their best foot forward.  This is because in the world of digital marketing everyone knows that it is the user experience and user interface that makes your potential buyer take notice of you and want to interact with you.  If your website design is bad no matter how good your product or service and how well it may be solving a real problem for your potential customer, it will fail to create the connection with the visitor.  However a good website design means more happy visitors, more shares, more traffic and in short more conversions for you.  What more a business owner may ask for?  So to achieve this it is important to be aware of the mistakes that people generally make and how to avoid making them.

1.  Poor legibility: Content on any website is still very important. No matter how many images you have on the page, content is still the king.  Content will always remain there.  So legibility of the content is a very important factor in a good website design.  If the visitor cannot read the content it kind of defeats the whole purpose of the website.  Some of the common mistakes are also a bad contrast where the text color and the background of the text are such that the text does not stand out, which makes it difficult to read.  Another big mistake is really doing the dark backgrounds with really white or light texts that in large strips of body copy that can really hurt the eyes.

A few things that we can do to improve readability on the website is to better your color schemes and implement them better.  Keeping good contrast in mind.  Lastly, just align and format the typography and bring some variation to the content that is on the page.  A good mixture of headings, body copy, lists, images, all of those variations breakup the content and make it easy to read and understand.

2.  Messy layout: If something doesn’t feel or look right it is one of the three things, one is the design is not presenting the content well, two the content is jumbled and messed up, and doesn’t belong there, it is kind of messy, or number three, it is just a usability issue, you need to rearrange things.  All this comes into organization of your content and your layout.  Some simple fixes to the messy issue would be to create more white space in between pieces of content.  Also create the content in a way that your readers are able to skim through it.

3.  Bad navigation: Navigation to website should be seamless.  It should be everywhere, it should be consistent and it should be easy for a person to get anywhere on your website at any time.  Just because you are making more pages doesn’t mean you make more dropdowns.  Just because you want more stuff on your website doesn’t mean you shove more rows into your top navigation.  There has to be a reason to the whole thing and you need to keep it consistent.  My biggest advice on how to fix it is this that your navigation should be in the context of your website.  Do everything that is right in the context of the project and not just because we want to do it.

4.  Inconsistent design: The design of your website should be consistent.  The navigation on all the pages should match.  The buttons should match and there should be an overall consistency in your website design.

5.  Too many animations: There should not be too many fancy animations on you website.  You must use animations but sparingly.  Also, you must use them only if they go along with the context of the website and they should not look out of place.

Conclusion:  The design of your website can really make or break your website so it is important to take care of the above mistakes and avoid making them.

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