5 tips to create a good website design

Website design is very critical for the overall first impression of the website and is a component that can only be ignored at your website’s peril.  So there are some key aspects that must be included in a good website if you want your website to look and feel good.

Key aspects of a website design

1.  Color palette: First important thing is to create a color palette.  If you want your website to look great using a great color combination could be a great way to do that.  There are many tools available online to create a good color combination for your website design and paletton is a very good tool for this.  It is really easy and simple tool and you can find it online.

2.  Great images: Another important tip when it comes to website design is using great images.  You can be good at photography and can take your own pictures but if you don’t enjoy photography then there are two ways one is to hire a professional photographer and have a custom photograph for your website that makes it stand out.  If you don’t have money to hire a photographer and you still want to use great images there are some great resources we can find either paid stock images like istock photo or shutterstock and the there is also some free resources that you can use like unsplash and pixabay photos.  There are however some rules for some of the photos that you must follow.

3.  Space: Space is also an important component of design.  Just adding a little bit of extra space around all of the elements that you have put on your website.  This goes especially for text, so you are going to have space around your headings, space around the body of your text.  One of the new trends in website design is to make your paragraph short.  You can have spaces between the lines and between the paragraphs and what that allows your viewers to do when they are looking down your website is quickly scan for the information that they are looking for.

One message and responsive website

4.  Be decisive: Getting rid of using sliders.  Sliders are bad for SEO and they don’t drive interaction with your website. You generally put sliders when you are not sure what the most important thing is that you want to tell to your visitors. So you put all of these things into sliders.  What it does is that your viewers do not look at the sliders from start to finish. And they just start looking down at your website.  So it is always a good idea to be decisive about the one most important thing that you want to tell to your visitors. And put it on the top and then gradually tell them everything in the order of the importance.

5.  Remember your mobile viewers: It is very important to remember that people will be viewing your website on tablet and mobile devices.  So you must make sure that your website looks great on mobile.

Conclusion:  If you want your website to look and feel good then you must be clear about the aesthetic aspects of the design like the color, images, space, important text and make it look good across the devices.

If you are interested in getting your website designed and want to create a website that is great in design that your visitors just love to visit, then you must take help of experts.  We at HYVA IT SOLUTIONS has got a team of experts that are extremely good at designing good websites.


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