3 SEO tips to rank #1 on Google

Every website owner wants its website to rank higher on the Google rankings for the simple reason that they want their website to show in the maximum search results.  Search engine optimization or SEO is the way you can get your website rank higher on the Google. For any business to get customers it is imperative that their website ranks higher on Google.  The higher the Google rank of a website the more it shows in the search results and this is what the aim of any business is.  There are many ways that you can do SEO and here are three very important tips to use to make your website rank number one on Google:

1.  Focus on content:

If you want to get a higher ranking on Google, then you must focus on your content.  The website that has all sort of content about everything doesn’t do as well as the website that focuses on a particular niche.  A niche is a particular topic or area that is very laser focused that appeals to a very small segment of population.   To appeal to a small segment and focus on one particular niche, you have to be very thorough about your subject that you are discussing on your website.  You must have an in depth knowledge about the subject.  If your readers feel that this is all that they needed to know and that your content has answered all their questions then you are writing a good content.

2.  Optimize your title tag and your Meta description:

Every time you do a Google search there is a link at the top and then there is this one sentence.  A title tag specifies the title of a webpage, it is the header, and the description below is called the Meta description.  People always click on the links that are related to their online search.  For example if you search on the SEO then you will click on the link that is related to SEO and has a description with it, that will give you a glimpse that what this article is about.

So in your title tag and your description you must make sure that you include the keyword.  You should not merely repeat a keyword for the sake of using it but it should really have a meaning, it should flow in a sentence, it should be easy to read, and it should be appealing to read.  If it is not easy to read and it does not invoke curiosity in the reader no one is going to click on it and read it.  So you must use titles that invoke curiosity, include your keywords, and at the same time make sense to the reader.

3.  Use Google search console:

If you want Google to rank your page higher you must use Google search console.   Google gives you a tool that teaches you how to rank number one on Google and that is Google search console.  If you are not already a user of it, sign up, it is for free.  You are missing out if you are not using it.  If you are using Google search console give it some time as it takes some days to populate data.  It gives you analytics that shows all the pages of your website that are getting you the traffic.  Google search console also shows you, which articles are getting impressions.

By impression we mean that how many people see your results and click through and how many people don’t click through.  So they show you how many impressions you are getting, the clicks, and the click through rate.  You will find that most of your pages will get less than 5% click through rate.

The good think about Google search console is that they show you all the keywords that you are getting impressions for and all the keywords that you are getting clicks for.  So you must take all the keywords for which you are getting impressions and add them to your article, however it should naturally flow in your content and it should not look like you are writing just for the sake of using the keyword.


If you want your website to rank number one on Google you must be thorough in your content, you must use keywords in your title tag and meta description so that your articles get clicked by the one doing the keyword search, and add Google search console to get all the data about how well your pages are doing and take a clue about the keywords there and use them in your content.

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