Do’s and don’ts of effective website design

Since website is a very efficient tool of marketing and creating brand awareness website design plays a very important role in creating a good website that delivers its objectives. Therefore it is critical to know what some of the dos and don’ts are of a website design as this could lead to the success or failure of your website and can affect your business significantly.


1.  A website design as the name suggests is a design and it involves art, so it must be aesthetically pleasing.

2.  Give a clear message to your visitor that what your business is all about it should be simple and clear.

3.  Headline should be bold and clearly visible and it should in fact stand out.

4.  The site navigation should be easy and all the buttons and icons must functional.

5.  The visitor should instantly know what you do and whether they are your target customers or not. If they are your target customers they would be interested in your content and if they are not then they will not spend time on your website, which is okay but you certainly want your target customers to spend time on your website i.e. you want to engage them and you want them to respond to your call to action.

6.  You can offer a guide or an e-book for your potential customers to download by sharing their email, which can be a lead to you and you can later tell them more about yourself and how you can help them and it can lead to conversion or sales.

7.  Talk about client’s pain and struggle and tell how you are unique and how you can help.

8.  Market to one segment, which is your customer segment and not to all and everyone out there.

9.  Showcase the results that you got for your customers in an effective way. Add nice testimonials of happy customers.  Walk your customers through the case studies of what you did for your customers and why and how.

10.  Share with your clients what journey it will take them to work with you and get the results that they want to get by working with you.



1.  An invisible heading or no heading is a strict no-no for a good website design.

2.  No call to action is equal to losing a potential customer, something which is a loss for the business because if a customer is coming to your website you must give him a clear call to action, else he won’t know what to do and you would lose him.

3.  Don’t place loud images as they do not serve any purpose without an effective message. Just having too many images without a significant message does not help a website.  So it must be avoided.

4.  Headline should not be small.

5.  Don’t use a blend text i.e. don’t just say that you are “good” or “awesome” because it doesn’t mean anything, you have to show not tell to your customer that how you are good. Your text shouldn’t be generic.  You must be able to tell others how you stand out as a company.

6.  Don’t use jargon or too much fancy words.

7.  Your website design should not look like any other website design, you must stand out and look different.

Conclusion:  Your website is a tool to generate leads and create sales for you so the website design must be one that engages your potential customer’s attention and enables him or her to become your lead or your customer.

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