How to identify a good digital media marketing company?

To invest in digital media marketing for your business is a good strategy, however if you are not prudent in selecting a right digital media marketing company, you can lose your money.  Therefore, you must know how to identify a good digital media marketing company and here are the things that you must consider while selecting a digital media marketing company.

1.  Look for traffic on their website: Don’t h hire a digital marketing company who doesn’t have traffic to their own website.  If they are someone who do not have traffic to their own website how can they get traffics for your website?    They may claim that they have good SEO and good conversions but if they don’t show results at their own website, don’t hire them.

2.  Look for social proof: Look for case studies and testimonials.  If a company doesn’t have case studies and testimonials how you know they are going to do well for you.  Ideally look for bigger case studies, testimonials and logo because if big companies are trusting this company then they may really be good at what they do because big companies have much stricter hiring policies when they are hiring contractors.

3.  Look for someone who is tactical: Strategies and concepts are important but if someone doesn’t know how to implement doesn’t matter how smart they are they are never going to get you the results.  They need to know how to implement changes to your website.

4.  Make sure the people that are going to work on your account are good: No matter who the founder of the company is and how smart he is, he may not be able to personally involve himself in each account, so you must make sure that the persons who will be working on your account are good and experienced for they are the ones who will be doing digital marketing for you.

5.  You need to have regular communications: You must have regular communications with them, you should ask them if they will be providing you with weekly reports, weekly calls, or will they be doing regular email communication.  It is very important to have regular communication because then only you will be able to know if something is going wrong and you don’t want to be paying someone without having a track of where things are going for you.

6.  Ask for references: You must ask for references from the company that you want to hire for your digital marketing.  If they are not able to provide you with references then it means they have not done well for themselves.

7.  Look for people who have worked for similar businesses: It doesn’t have to be direct competitors or someone within your industry but similar size companies. You don’t want to work with someone who has only worked with big companies and haven’t worked with a small company if you are one.  If you are a local business then look for someone who has worked with other local businesses.  By ensuring that they have worked with the similar types of businesses you are more likely to get results.

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