What are the key components of a website design?

Every business needs a website, no matter what the business is and what market or industry it is in.  However, it is very important that the website that is designed is good and has all the components of a good website, then only it will be able to serve its purpose.  Also, your website is often the first point of contact for your customer, so it is important to make sure that it has all the key components of a good website.  Here are some key components that must be there in a good website:

1.  Good design: Design of a website really matters.  The first impression that a potential customer gets is important and if the design is good he or she gets a good first impression.  The best way to do that is to keep your website clean, keep it simple, and ensure that it positively reflects your brand.  Nothing puts off a customer more than a website that has ugly design, is hard to use, and hard to navigate.  So make sure that your website design is good and reflects your brand properly and effectively.

2.  Confirm to convert: Your website exists to generate business for you, therefore it is very important that it converts your visitors into your customers.  So make sure you immediately answer your visitor’s question, “Am I on the right place?” by placing the clear and compelling tag line in a prominent place, ideally in the center.  Keep it clear and keep it simple and above all don’t confuse your visitor with fancy talk or jargon.  Your tagline is not the place to be overly creative.

3.  One call-to-action: Your website should have one primary goal and should have everything designed to support that key objective.  You should not overload your visitors with too many actions.  You want your visitor to perform one key action on visiting your website and you should clearly mention what you want your visitor to do.  So decide what your best sales conversion mechanism is and build from there.  Make it clear whether you want your visitor to make a phone call or give his email, make a clear button for a call to action to command the visitor’s attention.

4.  Simplify your services: You know what you do and your visitor will know only by what you explain on your website.  For this reason you should make sure that your product or service pages are short, simple, and easy to understand.  You should put your services in the right categories rather than explaining too much about how many ways you can help someone.

5.  Make it responsive: Over half of browsing is done from the devices other than a desktop computer.  For this reason you need to be sure that your site looks just as good on a tablet, smartphone, or TV.  This is simple but incredibly important.  If your website is not responsive to different screen sizes it needs to be, otherwise you will be losing money and losing customers.

6.  Don’t make them think: Your website should make things as easy as possible for your visitors.  The less they have to search, decipher, and think, the better.  In today’s age the customers lack time and therefore it is your job to simplify things for them.  This is why the best websites are often the cleanest, simplest, and easy to understand.  Take a minute to do the thinking for your visitors.  What information do they want?  What would be the best way to deliver to them and how can you provide the best, fastest, and, easiest solution for them.

7.  Prove it: One of the most powerful forces in the world of marketing is that of social proof.  Social proof basically means that you show your potential customers that how people just like them have bought from you and have used your product or services.  For this you can have testimonials, review, endorsements, and case studies and even building up a large social media following which shows at least on the surface that your business is worth paying attention to.

8.  A video is worth a million words: Even though text is liked by your visitors who like to read and the search engines that like to see the keywords, but too much text may be affecting your user experience and therefore your conversions and sales.  This is why whenever possible make sure to include at least some video inside the text.  Videos are beneficial in a multitude of ways like humanizing your brand, building unprecedented levels of trust, convincing and converting undecided customers, and creating authority in your market.  Videos can also serve dual purpose by sharing them at YouTube for brand awareness.

Conclusion:  At the end of the day the key to designing a good website is to remember that your website is not about you it is about your customers.  When you put their needs, their experiences, and their desires first, you cannot go too wrong.

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