Difference between website design and website development

Generally there is a lot of confusion prevailing about the difference between website design and website development.  Many people have this perception that they are same and there is no difference between a website designer and a website developer.  However, this is not the case, there is considerable difference between the two.

Website design:

Any website is a combination of design and code. A website is formed when we combine the two.  Design is something that is visible on the outside and code is something that runs behind the design.

Take for example an e commerce website where there is a shopping cart.  So a designer designs the colour, fonts, and colour of the buttons so that the call to action button stands out, and the font of prices etc.  The designer takes care of the margins and alignment.  A web designer will design the layout, prepare the html and set the design through the CSS.

Website development:

Web developer on the other hand develops the code in the background.  For example in an e commerce website if you put the quantity of an item to be purchased as 2 then the code will start running and it will check in the logistic of the website whether 2 quantities of that particular item are available or not.  If it won’t be available then it will give error.  This communication between the front end and the back end is the coding which is done by the web developer

Difference between website designer and website developer:

1.   So the main difference between the web designer and web developer is this that frontend designing which is the user interface is designed by the web designer and the backend coding is done by the website developer.

2.  Tools used by web designer are PHOTOSHOP, SKETCH, and ILLUSTRATOR etc.


3.  Languages used by web designer are HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and languages used by web developer are HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, RUBY, PYTHON, and PERL etc.

4.  Web designer’s main role is to make the website look attractive and give a good experience to the visitor, whereas website developer’s role is to take care of the functionality of the website. If there is a bug in the coding then the website will not function properly.



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