5 types of videos for video marketing


Video marketing is for every one of you who is selling a product or service and who wants to reach out to their target audience.  It is for those who want to create a positive impression on their target audience and want their target audience to buy from them.  All of this can be achieved with the video marketing.  There are 5 types of videos that you can make to create a right impression on your target customers.

Type of video

1.  How to video: These are the videos that demonstrate how to do something. And a lot of people want to learn to do things. So these types of videos are quite popular.  This increases your reach to your target audience.  These videos are shared a lot on Facebook too.  These videos give you a lot of authority. And you are seen as an authority in your industry when you do these videos.

2.  FAQ videos: There are many questions that are frequently asked and you can make videos on that.  When you answer a question that people are asking then people want to view that.  So FAQ videos give you more sales.  Because with FAQ videos you educate the consumers.

3.  Product and services videos: Every product or service that you provide you must have a video for that.  This video should explain what this product or service is about.  The kind of videos improves your SEO.

Best fit and bio videos

4.  We are a best fit for videos: These videos explain who you are and who you are a best fit for.  This gives a clarity to your target audience that whether or not they are a best fit for you and it leads to better conversion.  It will save a lot of your time as well because those who are not a good fit will not call you.

5.  Bio videos in emails: Another type of video that you need to have is the bio video in your email signature.  These videos tell people who you are and what you stand for.  They are your biography in a concise form.  These videos give you more traffic to your website.

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What is multimedia?


In today’s digital age when people are going online for shopping as well as for seeking information, videos and multimedia presentations have become very significant tools to convey information.

If you want to market a product or service, you need a multimedia presentation to cater to various needs of the people who are viewing information online.  People have different ways in which they absorb information, some people are auditory, some are visual, and some are kinesthetic.  And a multimedia presentation caters to all sorts of people.  It has sound, it has text, and it has visuals.  So it appeals to all category of people with different learning styles.  This is the reason why it is gaining popularity.

Definition of multimedia

Multimedia can be defined as a multiple media used to deliver information to users digitally.

It includes a combination of text, animation, graphics, audio, video, and other form of media, which can represent, store, transmit, and process all information digitally.

It can be said that it generally means that the information can be represented through animations, audio, and video, in addition to other traditional medium such as text, graphics, and images.

Various forms of it mostly require huge disc space.  In this regard compact disc, CDs, and DVDs can be used.

What is a multimedia presentation?

A presentation which involves audio or video clips as well as animations can be considered a pure multimedia presentation.  These type of presentations have a very positive impact on the audience because with the help of audio and video clips presenter can present well.  And a viewer can understand the presentation easily.

Conclusion:  In the digital age multimedia is a very effective way to send your message across to your target audience.

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What is SEO?


SEO stands for search engine optimization, which simply means how easy it is for Google to find your website.  The more easily you are found by Google more visitors will increase on your site so it is helpful in increasing traffic to your website or blog.  SEO is all about optimizing your site for search engine.

Importance of SEO

Now there are several search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc but 90% of searches are done on Google so when we say search engine we basically mean Google.  Search engines just go and crawl the web to find pages and index them in their catalogue.  It is very similar to when you have a book and at the end of the book you have index which tells you everything was talked about in the location.  That’s pretty much Google and their indexing system as well on the web in the cloud.

When you search with a keyword, you are shown some results and the above results are generally the advertisements and then the later the organic results, i.e. results based on the keyword search that the Google is showing.    This is because these pages have done a good job of telling Google that this page is about this topic.

Also you have a “people also ask” area and this shows the related searches that people will do on this topic.  Now, fewer than 10% people will actually ever click the on next page.  If they don’t find what they are looking for on the first page they will simply adjust their search criteria.
And that is why Google added in this “people also ask” area.

Here is the biggest reason why SEO is so important for your website.   The first three organic results they get over 70% of all the clicks.  The first position gets the bulk traffic between 35% to 40%.  The second will get between 15% to 20% and the third one will get around 10% clicks.

So that is why it is so important to make sure that your website is first on the Google.

How to get on first page?

So how does Google determine what should go on the first page.  The biggest factor is relevance.  You want to make sure that your website is exactly what the searcher is looking for when they are searching Google.

Also make sure that your site is useful and you arrange the topic in a meaningful way that is easy for readers to find what they are looking for.

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