How to write a perfect blog post?

A blog post is a very good way to communicate your thoughts or ideas about any subject.  Where on the one hand you are able to connect with others while writing a blog on the other hand it is also a good way of sharing information that you may be having on a particular subject.  So if you are willing to write a blog post there are many good reasons why you should do so.  If you are into any business then blogging may provide you with a platform to show case the features of your product and services and familiarize them with your brand.  So how can you write a perfect blog that helps get your message across and creates the right impact on your target audience?  Here are a few tips that you may consider while writing a blog:

1.  Start off with a title: The first thing about writing a blog post is the title.  Unless you are clear about the blog title do not write a blog post.  So the first thing to decide is the blog title.  8 out of 10 people will read your headline and only 2 will click through to read the rest of the article.  No matter how good a post you write if you don’t have a good headline nobody is going to read your post.  All comes down to your headline or title or whatever you want to call it.  If you want to learn how to write a good title you can take some magazines and have a look at them they all have catchy titles.  So you can look at magazines for inspiration.  I use “how to” blog titles and I use list based blogs.  They work well for me.

2.  Write Introduction: In your introduction you need to hook people with something that elicits their interest and creates an impact.  You can do so by making some bold statements based on your personal experience, by sharing some statistics, or with a strong reason as to why you feel qualified to write about the subject that you are writing. You can also give them some idea about what you are going to discuss in your post so that they read through the entire post and ideally even leave a comment in the end.

3.  The body of the post must have subheadings: The body of the blog post must have subheadings because the idea is that people should be able to easily skim through your content.  Subheadings make it easy for them to do so.   If people can’t skim it you are not going to do well.  In your body you must therefore have subheadings and in the paragraph there should be a maximum of 5 to 6 lines.

4.  Link to other sites: While writing your content you should not just link to your own site, you should also link to other sites.  Because when you link to other websites you are citing them as a source, it creates more credibility for you and it makes you and your business look more as an expert.  So you want to be perceived like that when you are writing content.

5.  Write conclusion: Last but not the least you want to wrap up your post with some conclusion.  The conclusion summarizes what your post was about and you may leave your post with a question because by ending the post with a question more people are likely to leave a comment.  When they leave a comment it creates engagement.  By getting engagement you are much more likely to generate sales.  If people read your post but they don’t engage with you they are not likely to become a lead or buy your product or service.


Blog posting is all about sharing and caring for the reader and his needs.  If you articulate your point well and it helps your reader then you know how to write a blog post.

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