Digital marketing and its top 10 advantages

Digital marketing is a marketing done using the internet, computer, and digital devices. Any company can make its products or services reach to the target market using digital marketing.

Today when there are millions of internet users in India and the whole world, the importance of digital marketing is increasing with each passing day. Digital marketing has got several advantages, some of which are as follows:

1. Digital marketing gives you a level playing field- No more big vs small: On this platform it is no more big vs small. In online space everyone is at par. Digital marketing enables you to compete with corporates and enterprises. In traditional marketing a startup could never match a big enterprise because they have big budgets for advertising. The moment you come on digital it is all same for everybody. The price is going to remain same, the add size is going to remain same, the target audience is going to remain same.

2. In digital marketing you can target your audience: Digital marketing allows you to target your customers narrowly no other medium can match. You do not waste your money on people that are not your target like in case of the print media or TV advertisement.

3. Digital marketing is cost effective: Advertising online is very cost effective compared to traditional media. The cost of reaching your target audience is much less compared to traditional media, yielding to higher return on investment (ROI).

4. Digital marketing is measurable: Digital marketing gives you accurate measurement, which is one of the biggest advantage of digital marketing. How many people visited your website, and how many people clicked your advertisement. This makes you measure the return that you are getting on every paisa that you are spending on the advertising or brand promotion. In traditional medium measurements are eschewed.

5. Digital medium is interactive: When a person sees an advertisement and decides to buy, you are just one click away. Unlike the traditional medium, here you are not giving any time to your customer to think. If the customer chooses he can buy from your right away as soon as he has seen the advertisement.

6. Leads to higher conversion: Because the digital media marketing is highly interactive and customer can react immediately the conversion goes up. In traditional media there are lot of chances of customer forgetting the advertisement the next day after watching it, whereas this does not happen in the digital marketing. When the customer is watching the advertisement at the same time he can take the decision to buy and complete the purchase.

7.Digital marketing is traceable: One more advantage of digital marketing is its traceability and because you can track where your customers are coming from you can exactly sell based on that. For example if you know that your traffic is coming from abroad you can target your website for them and sell accordingly. You can customize your advertisement, you can customize your app based on where your customers are coming from. You can customize your website or app based on the segment of the customer.

8.Digital marketing can be personalized: You can personalize the experience of a customer with digital marketing. We are all different and when you give someone an experience according to how they are and in their language and the way they like it then they like your company. With your database linked to your website, you can greet your customers with targeted offers. This makes the customer feel that this is for me. This is possible only in digital marketing and not in offline marketing.

9. Digital marketing makes non-intrusive communication possible: People hate receiving calls that they are not interested in as it is like an intrusion in their personal space. In digital marketing you do not intrude into a customer’s space. Customer on his will, at his pace sees your communication.

10. Digital marketing helps build your brand: The world is now a days moving online. So if you want to build your brand you have to have an online presence. Your online presence helps to build your brand. Customers, especially the younger generation go online before deciding to buy anything. If you are not online then you don’t exist for today’s generation. So digital marketing helps you build your brand.

Though you can do digital marketing yourself for your product or services it is always more intelligent to take help from the experts in the business. If you want to do digital marketing for your products or services and build your brand, you can contact Hyva IT solutions as we have experienced and talented professional who have 16 years of experience in this field. If you want more information about it you can visit us at:

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