An Overview

HYVA is a trans-national information technology consulting and services company specializing in enterprise resource management and multimedia solutions. HYVA provides end-to-end business solutions by blending technology with strategy and creativity to transform ideas into world-class IT products and mission-critical solutions, backed by extensive domain knowledge with proven development and delivery capabilities.

An Indo-UK holding founded in 2003 andan offshoot of the 50mn USD - Vali Group, HYVA works as a consultancy partner and a service provider across 3 continents to a diverse customer-base from sectors such as communications, consumer products,defence, healthcare, media, entertainment and transportation.

HYVA offers IT & ITES Consulting, Online Services, Software Products, IT & ITE Services, Infrastructure & Logistics Solutions, Enterprise Solutions, Business Process Outsourcing, Business Intelligence & Performance Management and Multimedia Solutions. This is addition to extensive maintenance and support services in data mining, facilities management, networking and storage management.

Headquartered in Bangalore, India with strategic offices in the United Kingdom and Malaysia, HYVA is supported by a talent pool of over 200 employees, a network of design studios and development centers helmed by a distinguished top management who guide them right from identifying key requirements to delivering solutions in an efficient and economical manner.

Corporate Philosophy

Work Smart:
From approach to delivery by understanding our customer's business needsfrom bottom-up.

We believe in a working process that is highly accountable and measurable at any stage.

As a people-centric company, human values differentiate us from process-centric companies.

Deliver cost efficient solutions through innovative process to generate high revenue and market edge.

To achieve a brand image of 'passion for perfection'in everything we do.

Follow the best standards with a disciplined approach in assigning tasks and responsibilities.

Create high-quality IT productson schedule, efficiently and effectively.


The single most important asset in the software consulting business is people. Offering offshore software development for European clients over the three years with a team of driven and experienced members has enabled us to now focus on the Indian market. In the last six months alone we have made great headway into the Indian market with the expertise of our team in our favor.

Every member stands as an integral part of the solid backbone for intra-company relationships. We do a lot to foster employee satisfaction and relationship-building, which all helps make for a stronger team. With their passion to excel and their highly qualified backgrounds each member of our team ensures that the Hyva brand stands tall amongst peers. And we endeavor to fuel their ambition and drive with innovative individual skill developmental training programs that include project management, team building drills, soft skill management programs and Entrepreneurial developmental programs.

A live and active work culture ensures that a spirit of best practices and optimization of resources to produce best results is prevalent within the organization. Our insistence on a mutually beneficial work culture, effective employee support drives and emphasis on the best practices ensure a corporate environment that services the best with the best. With certification from the best in the industry – Cisco, Sun, Microsoft, HP to name a few our proactive team has supplemented their knowledge with extensive experience in working. A keen acumen and a dedicated approach to install streamlined procedures that assure quality round the clock sets our team apart from the rest in the industry.